“I’m happy to help a restaurant become Michelin-starred, or get its second star, and I’m happy to accompany you on an exceptional gastronomic journey.”

Michelin Guide’s Specialist

With over 40 years of experience

“After sharing cooking experiences with 7 Michelin 3-star chefs and several others 2 or 1 star, visiting about 300 starred restaurants, I help you to get your first star or second one. I make a clear diagnosis of your positive and negative aspects, suggest solutions and improvements, approve or disapprove your menus, recipes and concepts.”

Gastronomy Critic & Advisor

“I give you an opinion on your dishes and menus. I open a debate with you following my comments.”

Menu analysis & Advisor

“I analyze your menu, its balance, the balance of wine choices.”

Hospitality Advisor/Audit

“Hotels, restaurants, Resorts, details make the difference. “Habits” are often to be fought…”

Staff Training

“In half a day your staff will have acquired an essential knowledge of the generalities of worldwide wine. In half a day, your staff will know the essential basics of food and wine pairing. In 2 or 3 hours, your staff will know the results of my observations and my solutions if necessary. In 2 or 3 hours, your staff will understand the criteria for obtaining a Michelin star.”

Wine Expert

“I analyze wine lists, I create the lists, I assess your cellar. For restaurants or justice evaluations.”

Press, TV & Guides advisor

 “I write articles on Chefs, products, regions, recipes, remarkable hotels or restaurants. I participate in TV shoots. I comment on the gastronomic news at various events.”

Airlines Advisor

“So many observations during flights and in the Lounge!”

Michelin Chefs Agent

“I create events, exchanges, TV shows…”

Seminars – Conferences

“Several themes: Globalization and wine. Wine: General information. France’s exports, its problems. The weight of the lobbyists. Career opportunities in Asia.”

Quality Sourcing

“40 years of relationships with the best producers in the world…”

EXPORT advisor / Brand Ambassador

“I talk about the best producers, poultry, meat, vegetables, fish, wine…”

Contest Judge

“Product competition, culinary competitions, school exams, wine competitions…”


“A unique experience: A top-of-the-range stay 100% oriented towards rare gastronomy and authenticity.”