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An exclusive & unique dialogue around Wine, Gastronomy & Hospitality with: Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, Banquet Chefs, Chefs, Cooks, Restaurant Owners, Importers, Distributors, Wine Buyers, Appraisers, Retail Liquor Store Staff & Owners, Sommeliers, Wait staff, Meeting & Banquet Planners, Convention Managers, Catering Directors, Hospitality Managers, Traders, Culinary Students, Internet Business, traders, journalists, politicians, various organism, school, universities and anyone interested in Wine, Gastronomy & Hospitality.



About wines:

Perfect training for staff non-specialized: I give them a basic notion, a foundation. They will have more confidence in them. Mainly It concern Restaurants staff, Hotels-Resorts staff, Cellars, shops or supermarkets staff.

Wine around the World – How to make a red, rosé, white, sparkling, Champagne, “special” wines… – Consuption habits of each nation – Wine rankings & various ratings – How to taste a wine – Components of wine & relevant wine lingo (Tannins, acidity, pallet, finish…) – Different wines style – How to read a wine label & World classifications – Overview of “Classic wines” aromas & their regions of origin – How to properly store wines – What to look for when buying wines – Wines pairing principles – Wines families – Basix understanding of Old & New World Wine, including history, terminology & evaluation – Etc.

Mainly for sommeliers, professionals of gourmet restaurants, shopmanagers: Food & Wine pairing, general or personalized according to your menus. How to create a balanced wine list, included marketing aspect adapted to your customer base, your climate, your food… Also all concerning Spirits.



Evocation, review, of the Best products in the World.

Expert in cheese & French cuisine.

Spanish & Basque Tapas (I wrote a book about it).


Wine or Food – Hotel Shows – TV – Schools or Universities

Chamber of Commerce – Economic missions – Embassies

France Export, Wines: The weight of lobbies.

Wine & Globalization.

Wine families & Ratings in 2019.

Food & Wines pairing.

10 years of Export experiences.

2019: Tips for producers who want to export in Asia.

Gastronomy: Definition & “Top” products list.

An expert audit is essential: Evidences!.